About Us


We are all living on the same planet. A planet that is in real danger, that needs immediate action from all of us.

For Isabel Englebert, sustainable fashion is not a choice, it is a necessity; to provide fashion and art in a way which considers the future of humanities survival.

Our aim is to help push the fashion industry in a more economically aware direction. Our brand foundations were built on original design and sustainable produce, which positively impacts on our planet and the human beings living in it, rather than striving purely for commercial gain.


Each unique piece in our collection is hand crafted by highly skilled, dedicated artisans. Every item under the Isabel Englebert label echoes the love and skill of the hands that made it and we ensure we only work with independent artisans or small craftsman groups opposed to partnering with large enterprises that can already scale independently. We seek to find artists with invaluable techniques, with every piece engraved with talent, history and individuality.


We source our materials locally, helping to both strengthen the local economy and empower small businesses. We also are striving to use recycled materials whenever we can, to do our bit towards keeping the planet healthy. While some of our pieces include animal-based materials or plastics, we only support reclaimed materials that would have otherwise been discarded or unused.


We intentionally keep limited stock with most of our collections made to order, because when we create a piece we want its owner to be its next stop and not one amongst hundreds waiting in a box for its time to appear. Too much thought has gone into making it! We know that with today’s fast shopping habits, this approach can be tricky, but waiting for something special to be made exclusively for you emphases the character of those who we build this brand for, who want to create their own style opposed to following the latest disposable trends.


We work to present avant-garde, yet timeless, thoughtful and unique designs that are original and uncommon. Designs that aren't based on fashion trends, but conceived as wearable art, with the intention to remind you of your memories and special moments all while reflecting your individuality.